Booklets : Revised Constitution of Guyana 2001

On attaining independence in 1966, Guyana adopted a Constitution, which was amended in 1970 when Guyana became a Republic.
The new CONSTITUTION OF GUYANA came into being in 1980. It was more detailed in its provisions and stated principles and ideals that, included a bias towards socialism. In the main, the powers of the President were substantially extended to executive status.
As the years progressed since 1980, uncertainties in some of the provisions came to light. Therefore, in 1995, the constitutional reform process began with hearings being held all over Guyana, and submissions from persons and organisations being received by the Constitutional Reform Commission and later by a Parliamentary Select Committee. This process was, however, aborted due to impending elections in 1997.

After the December 1997 general and regional elections, disturbances erupted from dissatisfaction with the processes employed in the conduct of these elections. Consequently, CARICOM brokered the Hermanston Accord, which was signed on January 17, 1998, by the leaders of the PPP/C and the PNC. One of the main issues agreed to in this Accord, was that the Constitution be reviewed. The Constitution Reform Commission (CRC) was then established. It comprised twenty (20) persons, women, the political parties in Parliament, the main religious organizations, indigenous peoples, farmers, lawyers and youth. (These persons served on the Commission for approximately six (6) months in 1999.)

The CRC received written submissions from, and held hearings with, a wide cross-section of individuals and political, religious and non-governmental groups.
A Parliamentary Select Committee reviewed the recommendations for changes to the Constitution made by the CRC. Thereafter, the Oversight Committee (of the National Assembly), approved the drafts of the amendments, thereby adopting, to some extent, actual reforms recommended.

These booklets provide information and guidance on the main changes that
have been made to the Constitution of Guyana up to 31 March 2001. They also
include changes that had been recommended but not implemented at the time of

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