Last update 13 January, 2017

2017 subvention
The clinic is most grateful to the government for the increase in its subvention for 2017.

The additional funds will greatly help us in our work to provide legal services to the poor and vulnerable and so to enhance access to justice in Guyana.

Welcome to Ms. Collette Marks
Ms. Marks joined the Clinic in October 2016. She is based at the Georgetown office

Farewell and congratulations to Ms. Oneka Archer-Caulder
Ms. Archer-Caulder left the clinic in September 2016, having obtained a Chevening Scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in the UK.

Welcome to Canadian Bar Association’s International Youth Internship Program intern Ms. Veronique Gingras-Gauthier
The clinic is delighted that its partnership with the CBA is continuing.
Ms. Gingras-Gauthier arrived in early September and will be with the clinic until March 2017 and it is anticipated that her internship will be as successful as previous ones.

90th birthday greetings to founder member and chairperson, Mr. Ashton Chase, O.E., S.C.
On 18 July 2016, Mr. Ashton Chase celebrated his 90th birthday and the occasion was rightly marked by a number of events in his honour, including the presentation of a framed certificate of appreciation by the board and staff of the Clinic on 20 July 2016.

Welcome to Ms. Shameka Taitt
Ms. Taitt joined the Clinic in February 2016. She is based at the Georgetown office.

Farewell to CBA Intern Ms. Andrea Vanderheyden
Ms. Vanderheyden’s internship was another success for the partnership between the Canadian Bar Association and the Clinic. Not only did Ms. Vanderheyden make substantial contributions to our work during her time with us, but also took advantage of Guyana’s natural beauty by travelling the length and breadth of the country.

Farewell to Ms. Vidushi Persaud and welcome to Ms. Keshia Chase
In July 2015, Ms. Keshia Chase joined the board as the nominee of the Guyana Bar Association in place of Ms. Vidushi Persaud.

Collaboration with Advancing Partners & Communities (APC)/Guyana for provision of legal services in outlying regions

The APC project focuses on advancing and supporting community programmes that seek to improve the overall health of communities and achieve other health-rlated impacts, and in Guyana supports NGOs (Artistes in Direct Support; Agape; Comforting Hearts; FACT; Hope Foundation; Lifeline Counselling; United Bricklayers and Youth Challenge Guyana) across 8 administrative regions.

The Clinic has entered into an MOU with ACP, to provide legal aid services to APC-supported grantees and their clients who have survived gender-based violence.

The collaboration was launched at FACT’s office at Skeldon on 16 July 2015.
(The pictures are from the launch )

Welcome back to Ms. Chandrawattie Persaud
Ms. Persaud rejoined the board in January 2015 as the nominee of The Guyana Association of Women Lawyers in place of Ms. Nicola Pierre consequent upon Ms. Pierre’s appointment as a Commissioner of Title.

Welcome to Ms. Joan Ann Edghill
Ms. Edghill joined the board in December 2014 as the Minister of Human Services & Social Security’s new nominee in place of Ms. Priscilla Chandra consequent upon Ms. Chandra’s appointment as a Commissioner of Title.

Ms. Edghill is an attorney-at-law attached to the Childcare & Protection Agency.

Congratulations to Ms. Nicola Pierre and Ms. Priscilla Chandra
Directors Ms. Pierre and Ms. Chandra were appointed Commissioners of Title in November 2014.

Best wishes are extended to them both for a very successful tenure.

Farewell to Mr. Asa Stuart Shepherd and welcome to Ms. Shellon Boyce
Mr. Shepherd left the Clinic in October 2014 and Ms. Boyce joined us in November 2014.

Previous news items
Ms. Prithima Kissoon and Ms. Chandrawattie Persaud join the board of directors
Following a meeting in July 2014 with Attorney General Mr. Anil Nandlall and Minster of Human Services & Social Security Ms. Jennifer Webster, it was agreed that each would have a nominee on the board of directors to represent the government.

Ms. Prithima Kissoon and Ms. Chandrawattie Persaud have joined the board as the Attorney General and Minister Webster’s nominees respectively.

Resumption of the Canadian Bar Association’s International Youth Internship Program
The Clinic is delighted that the CBA is likely to secure funding from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development for the resumption of their internship program, and to have again been invited to partner with the CBA during the period 2015-17.

Our three previous internships have all been extremely successful and we look forward to hosting another young Canadian attorney next year.

Voluntary services
We are very grateful to those attorneys in private practise who provide valuable voluntary services to us, notably Ms. Natasha Vieira and Ms. Bettina Glasford.

Additional funds received
In November 2013, the Clinic was greatly relieved to receive the balance of funds allocated to legal aid in the 2013 budget. The receipt of these funds allayed fears of bankruptcy before the 2014 budget and has enabled the employment of two newly qualified attorneys-at-law.

Farewell to Ms. Yolanda Lamotte
Ms. Lamotte left the clinic at the end of 2013, having given 14 months' sterling service at the Clinic's Anna Regina office.

Two new attorneys-at-law join the Clinic in December 2013
The Clinic is pleased to welcome Ms. Valensia T. Yansen and Mr. Asa W.T. Stuart Shepherd. Ms. Yansen is based in the Anna Regina office and Mr. Shepherd in Georgetown.

Farewell to Ms Maritha Halley, Ms Thandiwe Benn and Mr Desmond Burch-Smith
It is with deep regret that the clinic has had to terminate the services of Ms Halley, Ms Benn and to terminate the arrangement with Mr Burch-Smith, due to the urgent need to cut expenses as a result of a government subvention that falls far short of what was anticipated.

We are grateful to them for their time with us and extend best wishes for the future.

Farewell to Ms. Zoë Zeng – Canadian Bar Association 2012-13 Intern
Ms. Zeng's internship having come to an end at the end of March 2013, we reluctantly saw her return to Canada, where we wish her every success in her career.
Regrettably, the Canadian Bar Association's funding for their internship programme also ended in March 2013 and they have informed us that they will be unable to send us another intern this year. They are however hopeful that their 2015 funding application will be successful and that our partnership may then be able to resume.

Three new attorneys-at-law join the Clinic in October 2012
The Clinic is pleased to welcome newly admitted attorneys-at-law Ms. Wanda Fortune, Ms. Maritha Halley & Ms. Thandiwe Benn, who are a very welcome addition to the professional staff.

Welcome to CBA Intern Ms. Zoë Zeng
Ms. Zeng arrived on 26 September 2012 and will be with the Clinic until March 2013 under the CIDA-funded Canadian Bar Association’s Intern Program. Ms. Zeng will assist with client interviews, research and documenting success stories, challenges and recommendations for improvement.

Departures & Arrivals
Ms. La-Vanna Bouyea and Ms. Norma Lewis left the Clinic in July 2012 and children’s legal aid attorneys Ms. Jaya Manickchand and Mr. Madan Kisson left at the end of August 2012

Ms. Oneka Archer-Caulder joined the Clinic from private practice in August 2012 and the Clinic looks forward to three newly-admitted attorneys – Ms. Wanda Fortune, Ms. Maritha Halley & Ms. Thandiwe Benn – joining the Clinic in October 2012.

Farewell to Ms. Gem Sanford-Johnson and welcome to Ms. Nicola Pierre
In June 2012 Ms. Nicola Pierre replaced Ms. Gem Sanford-Johnson as the Guyana Association of Women Lawyer’s representative on the board of directors.

Canadian Bar Association’s Intern Program
Thanks to funding from CIDA, the Clinic will again benefit from the Canadian Bar Association’s Intern Program and Ms. Zoë Zeng will join us for 6 months in September 2012.

Further support from UNICEF
On 17 April 2012 an agreement was signed for the provision of further support of $2,008,000 for children’s legal aid services for the 3 month period up to 16 July 2012, by which time it is hoped that further funding for the services will have been secured.

Farewell to Ms. Heather Wojcik – Canadian Bar Association 2011-12 Intern
Ms. Wojcik left us in March at the end of her 6 month internship. We were extremely sorry to see her go as she had fitted in so well with and provided valuable contributions to the work of the Clinic. We wish Ms. Wojcik every success in her future career.

Farewell to Jolyon Hatmin
In January 2012, after over 6 years as managing attorney, Jolyon Hatmin left the Clinic to take up a position as a magistrate in Turks and Caicos.

Simone Morris-Ramlall appointed managing attorney
Consequent upon Jolyon Hatmin’s departure, Ms. Morris-Ramlall accepted appointment as the Clinic’s managing attorney with effect from 1 February, 2012.

Further support from UNICEF
On 13 December 2011 a cheque for $3,022,500 was formally handed over to the Clinic by Dr. Suleiman Braimoh, UNICEF’s Representative in Guyana. In his remarks, Dr. Braimoh congratulated the Clinic on the work done so far and said that he hoped that Children’s Legal Aid would be able to reach more children in need of help. In thanking UNICEF for its ongoing support director/secretary of the Clinic board, Josephine Whitehead, indicated that the funding provided had enabled the employment of a second Children’s Legal Aid attorney-at-law and would enable the broadcast of simple radio and TV PSAs in order that more children would be made aware of the help that was available to them.
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Welcome to Ms. Yolanda Lamott, Mr. Madan Kissoon and Ms. La-Vanna Bouyea
Ms. Lamott joined the Clinic in October and Mr. Kissoon and Ms. Bouyea in November. Ms. Lamott and Ms. Bouyea are based at the Clinic’s Georgetown office and Mr. Kissoon is Children’s Legal Aid’s first full-time attorney.

Farewell to Ms. Chandrawattie Persaud and welcome to Ms. Vidushi Persaud
Due to Ms. Chandrawattie Persaud’s extended absence from Guyana, Ms. Vidushi Persaud joined the board in October as the Guyana Bar Association’s nominee in place of Ms. Persaud. In addition to being a practising attorney-at-law, Ms. Persaud is a member of the National Commission on Disability and secretary of the Guyana Squash Association.

Welcome to Ms. Heather Wojcik – Canadian Bar Association 2011-12 Intern
Ms. Wojcik arrived at the end of September 2011 and has settled in well. Her work includes seeing clients, conducting research and considering ways in which a qualitative assessment of the Clinic’s services can be obtained. Ms. Wojcik is the Clinic’s fourth CBA intern and we have every confidence that her internship will be as, if not more successful than those of her predecessors.

Deputy Managing Attorney participates in the US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program on Women's Leadership and Political Participation
In October 2011, Ms. Simone Morris-Ramlall visited the US to participate in a US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). The program is the flagship professional exchange program of the Department of State, which annually brings to the United States approximately 5,000 foreign nationals from all over the world to meet and confer with their professional counterparts and to experience America firsthand. Over 100 Guyanese nationals have participated in a range of IVLPs over the years. Ms. Morris-Ramlall participated in the Women's Leadership and Political Participation Program, a Sub-Regional Project for the Caribbean, dealing with how international, national, and local organizations serve, protect, and empower women in all facets of daily life, from the home front to community, civic, and political participation.

Welcome to Ms. Sasha Roberts
Ms. Roberts joined the Clinic on 9 May 2011. She is based at the New Amsterdam office.

Canadian Bar Association’s Young Interns Program
Thanks to funding for this year’s program provided by CIDA, the Clinic looks forward to welcoming Ms. Heather Wojcik in mid-September and has high hopes that her 6 month internship with us will be as successful as previous internships, particularly as we understand that Ms. Wojcik researched all the available positions and made the Clinic her first choice.

Farewell to Sunil Scarce
Mr. Scarce left the Clinic at the end of June to take up an appointment with the Guyana Revenue Authority. His services at the Anna Regina office will be sorely missed.

Farewell to Frederick Singh
Mr. Singh left the Clinic in early April to return to the Guyana Sugar Corporation as company secretary.

Farewell to Marisa Mittelholzer
Ms. Mittelholzer left the Clinic in mid-April to take up a position with the Guyana Revenue Authority.

Farewell to Tara Kyluik
Ms Kyluik’s period with the Clinic under the Canadian Bar Association’s International Youth Internship Programme came to an end on 31 March 2011. She has, like her predecessors, made valuable contributions to the Clinic’s work, and the Clinic looks forward to hosting another CBA intern later in the year.

Further support for the Children’s Legal Aid Project
UNICEF has approved an extension of its funding support up to the end of September 2011.

November 2010 news
Welcome to Ms. Tara Kyluik – Canadian Bar Association 2010-11 Intern
Ms. Kyluik arrived at the end of September 2010. Her workplan includes research, particularly with regard to the paper committals procedure under the new Sexual Offences Act, and an evaluation of the Clinic’s services, including the documentation of success stories, challenges and recommendations for improvement. We have every reason to anticipate that Ms. Kyliuk’s internship will be as mutually rewarding and successful as those of her predecessors, Mr. Scott Doucet and Ms. Sarah Dyck (both of whom so much enjoyed being in Guyana that they extended their stays by several months).

Farewell to Ms. Azeena Baksh and welcome to Ms. Leota Langford
Ms. Baksh having left Guyana to pursue a master’s degree in the USA, Ms. Leota Langford, a senior child protection officer with the Childcare & Protection Agency, has been appointed in place of Ms. Baksh as one of the two government nominees on the board.

Welcome to Ms. Marisa Mittelholzer
Ms. Mittelholzer joined the Clinic on 1 November 2010. She will be largely based in Georgetown.

Farewell to Ms. Emily Dodson & welcome to Ms. Chandrawattie Persaud
Having provided sterling service to the clinic for over 8 years as the Guyana Bar Association’s nominee on the board, Ms. Emily Dodson has, at her request, been replaced by a new nominee, who is Ms. Chandrawattie Persaud. Ms. Persaud is the assistant secretary/treasurer of the GBA.

Welcome to Rev. Brinmore Phaul
Reverend Phaul has joined the board as the new nominee of the Guyana Council of Churches. He is Chairman of the Provincial Board of the Moravian Church in Guyana.

Mr. Desmond Burch-Smith
The clinic is fortunate to have the benefit of the knowledge and experience of retired Supreme Court Judge Mr. Desmond Burch-Smith, who has been providing part time legal assistance to us since 1 June 2010.

Canadian Bar Association Obtains Three Years’ Funding for their International Youth Internship Program
The Clinic is delighted that after a year’s hiatus, the Canadian Bar Association has obtained three years’ funding for their International Youth Internship Program, and that although the funding will only cover placements with 18 of the CBA’s 27 partner organisations, given the resounding success of  the Clinic’s previous placements, we have been guaranteed an intern for 2010 and, if things continue to go as well as in the past, for the following two years as well.
We therefore look forward to hosting our third young Canadian lawyer from August 2010 to March 2011.

Ms. Simone Morris-Ramlall appointed Deputy Managing Attorney
In early 2010 the position of Deputy Managing Attorney was created and Ms. Morris-Ramlall became the first appointee in March 2010.

Farewell to Mr Ian Anamayah
After just over a 18 months with us, Mr. Ian Anamayah left the Clinic at the end of March 2010 to go into private practice with his family firm.


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